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          Welcome to Ningbo Dewo Storage Equipment Co., Ltd. official website!


          Professional logistics equipment supplier

          35Tailored to your storage solution

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          Hot key words:Shelf storage

          MORE20 years of industry experience in thousands of customer choice

          Cube smart storage, storage shelf supplier near you

          High product safety, good stability and long service life

          Quality assurance

          All products are tested in layers and the quality is qualified before leaving the factory.

          Easy installation

          Simple structure, safe and reliable, can be adjusted and installed in any combination

          Short delivery cycle

          Sufficient inventory, after ordering (except for on-demand customization)

          Free maintenance

          With a comprehensive after-sales system, professional after-sales team, free maintenance

          Many customers choose our reasons

          Complete qualification, reliable quality, affordable price, quality assurance, service in place

          Dewo Warehousing is a manufacturer of storage racking equipment specializing in planning, design, production, sales, installation and service.

          Ningbo Dewo Storage Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Qiuyi Town, Yinzhou District, Ningbo. The factory mainly produces and processes hardware accessories, shelves, workbench, anti-static workbench, clean workshop, auto workbench, heavy-duty shelves, mold shelves, storage. Cage, butterfly storage cage, folding storage cage, galvanized storage cage, mold frame, drawer mold frame, casting mold frame, tensile mold frame, warehouse isolation net, light shelf, workshop isolation net, cargo space shelf, beam type Shelves, storage shelves, gravity shelves, through shelves, tray shelves, loft-style shelves, sliding shelves, cantilevered shelves, light shelves, mold shelves, storage shelves, angle steel shelves, medium shelves, shelf shelves, etc. ......